officeFull time technologist, full time husband and father, part time news hound, amateur historian,  newbie not-very-good guitar player and many many days gone by athlete.  My full time profession is technologist with degrees and many years in the industry from hands on to running departments of development teams.

I love working with technology in a professional setting and I enjoy playing with technology at home with my family.  In my spare time I read history, news and current events…..constantly.  So it’s a marriage made in heaven to bring together my professional life with what I do for fun.

I will highlight technology news that focuses on how we live with our families at home and less focus on business technology.  I’ll write blog posts about things I read about, hear about from people I work with and see here in my home and neighborhood.  Finally, I’ll offer products that focus on technology we all need at home from well established respected companies and will try as often as possible to post and pass on any and all discounts and promotions I can find….every family can use a break, I hope I can bring you a few here.

I hope you enjoy, please check back and comment when you can.