Distracting Apps

I recently wrote a post on the dangers of technology causing distracted driving, please review it, it could save your life!!  After writing that post I’ve seen some new apps that concern me even more about the problem of distracted driving.  We’ve all seen the stories of people staring at their phone and not paying attention to their surrounds.  Next thing you know these people end up tripping into a fountain or getting hit by a train!  Compound that with someone behind the wheel and the statistics speak for themselves.

Now I’ve read about some apps that require the user to do something within a specific period of time.  One of these apps is called ‘One Minute’.  I don’t mean to bash this specific app but I loaded this one on my phone to try it out.  The purpose of this app is that the user receives a notification at a random time during the day.  After the user receives the notification, they have one minute to take a picture of something and submit it.  The picture can be of anything you want, something you’re doing, somewhere you are, or really anything.  You have one minute.  If the minute ends and you have not submitted a picture then you have to wait for the next random notification.  So you are on a timer.

At first I thought this sounded like fun.  I was hoping to be able to chronicle something I was doing or somewhere I was.  But, with my luck, the reminders kept coming at times when I was asleep or didn’t have my phone, so I kept missing the minute.  However, I could see the photos other people took.  While a majority were great shots of people, places and scenes….there were a disturbing few that were from BEHIND THE WHEEL!  Yep, there are a number that are out over the hood of a car or of the dashboard itself.  Now, it’s possible that some of those were passengers but its more likely they were taken by the DRIVER!

I’m sure the makers of these apps don’t want people getting into crashes due to their apps but that is exactly what apps like this will do if the users aren’t smart.  They will add to the problem of distracted driving.  I’m still having fun with this app and waiting for my chance to get a picture in.  However, this is another place we need to be smart and make the right decisions.  Distracted driving kills, that is a fact.  Turn your phone off when you get in the car.  If you miss a notification for an app, there will be another one.  However, if you injure or kill someone on the road you can’t take that back.  Be smart, turn off your phone in the car.  Set a good example.  Make SURE you talk to your teens about turning off their phone when they drive.  Then we can all enjoy these new apps for what they are, instead of the dangers they pose.

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