Want to Organize Your Web Browsing?

If you’re like me, you’re on and off the internet many times daily.  Between smart phones, tables and laptops and with all the social media at our fingertips including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…there is a lot to choose from.  How do you keep it all straight?

I’m a technologist by trade and a blogger so I work to stay up on technology news and trends.  There are probably hundreds very good resources to use for whats new, old and updated in the world of technology.  But I’m sure you have your own preferences, whether they be sports, home improvement, photography, music etc there are endless topics and within each, what seems like endless resources to read, watch or listen to.  How do you manage it all?

I know people use bookmarks, reading lists or shortcuts on a desktop to keep straight all their ‘usual’ search items or reading lists.  They are all good, but I’ve found a new way that trumps them all.  It’s an app called Flipboard that lets your read through all the stories or articles from any resource you want, all in one place.  It’s easy to ready and use and on a mobile device allows you to simply swipe through the items to read or post to your social media accounts.  You can search for items to review regularly by simply choosing the resource or choosing search terms and letting Flipboard do it for you.  It can also provide your social media feeds in the same app, so all you need is in one place.

If you haven’t tried it yet, click below to download and give it a shot. Let me know your thoughts…


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